Flutter | Databases to begin with (Online & Offline)

Offline (Local):

It stored in the format of key-value

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/hive_flutter

It is relational database storage that requires SQL queries to perform CRUD operations (SET UP IS SIMPLE)

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/sqflite

You can store string values or any other values in text files using the below package

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/path_provider

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/file_picker

Online (Cloud):

Online No-SQL storage and a non-relational database.

Implementation/ Set-Up: https://mwaseemaw.medium.com/add-firebase-to-your-flutter-project-2021-android-a55e05310a3f

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/firebase_core


Online relational database and can use SQL queries

Link: https://pub.dev/packages/supabase

Hope this blog has helped you with enough information to start with Databases.

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